We’re sure you already know most of the advantages of our Anti-Spam and Security services. But it is always easier to understand the way it works by certain examples. So we decided to ask some of our clients to share their experience of using CleanTalk products.

Our client’s name is David. He is an inventor, a founder, a creator, and the owner of drinkertoys.com website among others. This company makes very useful unsinkable beverage holders for a swimming pool or a lake.

And here goes the story from David


I had 5 sites and at some point one of them became compromised with WP-VCD malware. It installed spam servers on every directory and infected every site with this resilient malware that can respawn.

Another security solution I used before only handled one site at a cost about 10 times more expensive. It isn’t configurable or able to be monitored for manual remediation.

I went back to CleanTalk security on all the sites and after a couple passes had ALL of my sites cleaned up.

Unlike another services, CleanTalk let me select entire regions and countries to BLOCK with blacklist and let me see where the hack/intrusion attempts were coming from.

The cost of the 5 site license has WAY MORE than PAID for itself in saving server bandwidth, site load speed (by blocking the intrustion before it floods the server slowing my site) and my time to remediate it manually which was difficult due to the hundreds of places it had put it’s malware.

I would recommend it for these reasons and on top of that, the SUPPORT is IMMEDIATELY responsive. My requests were filled and enhancements to the PRODUCT were coded to things specific to my installations. They are great! GET THE ANTISPAM running also.

We appreciate that kind of feedback and wish David all the best in his business.
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The story of our client: drinkertoys.com
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One thought on “The story of our client: drinkertoys.com

  • May 16, 2022 at 12:14 am

    Cleantalk anti spam and security are running on my sites and with hundreds of blocks a day, it is doing what is is supposed to. GET IT!


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