Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation

Today we launched a new and important parameter to evaluate spambots. According to our statistics, almost 30% of all spam requests are made with fake email addresses, i.e. such addresses do not exist.

Previously, we could only check the existence of emails after the fact and use these data in the future; now we have started checking emails in real-time.

This new feature of CleanTalk grants the ability to check email addresses for existence in real-time.

Non-existing email addresses also entail several other problems for website owners:
• You can never contact them by email,
• The client will never receive any notifications from you (account activation letter, password recovery, email distribution, notifications, etc.),
• If you use email marketing for your clients, then a large number of nonexistent emails in the mailing list may result in your IP address being added to various blacklists of email servers.

Checking emails for existence is available for all anti-spam plugins and is included in the standard package.

You can leave a comment below or create a private ticket here.

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29 responses to “Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation”

  1. Thanks for this update. Pleased you are keeping our clients sites protected.
    John Kennedy

  2. Thanks,

    Pleased you are keeping our clients sites protected with this update to email verification in real time.

  3. Hello John,

    We are glad to be useful for you.

    Thank you!

  4. Joe says:

    Can you make a plug-in for “Email Subscribers”?

  5. Serge Baburin says:

    Anti-Spam plugin can check the submission form so it will check emails of subscribers for existence

  6. Scott N says:

    You forgot to mention whether this new ’email verification’ protection is automatic, or if we have to enable it. Let us know, please.

    – Scott

  7. Bill G says:

    What happens when in real time it detects a comment form with an invalid email address?

    Does the person completing the comment form get immediate notification?

    Or, does the site administrator receive notification?

    Does it prevent the comment from being posted to the website?

    Is there a way to turn this feature on or off?

  8. Sounds like you are making some serious progress guys – thanks for the update. I’m sure it is going to prove very helpful.

  9. Serge Baburin says:

    email verification is automatic. This check is on the server’s side.

  10. Serge Baburin says:

    When this filter triggers it’s equal to blocking spam user. The comment will be blocked, the request will be saved in CleanTalk logs. We can lower this filter for specific service.

  11. Serge Baburin says:

    Thank you Francis O’Neill!

    We always strive to improve our service.

  12. Diane Bedard says:

    I have a Mailchimp signup form on my site. Can CleanTalk keep the fake emails from getting into my Mailchimp list? They seem to sign up and then “click” every link in the email I send out.

  13. Frank says:

    Hello I am replying to your real time email verification. Thank you for contacting me.

  14. Serge Baburin says:

    @Diane Bedard

    Thank you for your question. If this form protected by CleanTalk then yes.

    You can test it with *protected email*

    Contact us if you have any questions

  15. Serge Baburin says:


    Hello, do you have any questions?

    Contact us anytime.

    Best regards

  16. Clean Talk doesn’t seem to be working for my site. When I try to go to my site from my phone it always redirects to some spam site. Not sure if I did something wrong in setting it up but it’s not working for me.


  17. Serge says:

    Hello, Chris.
    We need more details to troubleshoot this issue.
    Please, create a private ticket here:
    We’ll test your website when we learn all necessary data.
    Thank you.

  18. M says:

    How is it checking? Is it sending an email to the suspect email? If so, what email is it using to check?

  19. Serge says:

    No, we do not send a test e-mail. We use HELO/EHLO requests plus our own method.
    Thank you.

  20. Владимир_И says:

    Hello, it is very good. i like!

  21. Yakov says:

    This feature can be bad, if somebody just mistypes email address. For example *protected email*
    Such leads will be lost.

    There must be an option to disable this feature.

  22. Almaz Magsumov says:


    You can always contact us through our support system to request to disable this feature:

    Also, email in your example in non-existence and you can’t send mail to such an email.

    Thank you.

  23. Yandira bali says:

    thank , plugin cleantlk is best plugin for my site

  24. Osman says:

    How does this feature work?

    I use ActiveCampaign email optin form on my website and I tried to regsiter using one of the email ID which is marked as spam.. just to test. And the registration was done. Cleantalk did not prevent the registration… so I dont know how Cleantalk is protecting against spam email registrations. I have already installed Cleantalk on my website.

    Please explain. Thanks

  25. Serge Baburin says:

    Please, be sure to do all tests not to be logged as an admin user. If you have more questions please contact us by our private Ticket System:

  26. Gregor says:

    Today I am attacked many times by e-mails. Last from *protected email*.
    Anti-Spam by Clean Talk is not working properly.


  27. Almaz Magsumov says:

    Hello, Gregor.

    We need more details about the issue. Please, create a ticket in our Private Support System:

    Also, post a few examples of IPs or emails of missed spam requests there.

    Thank you!

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