As we informed CleanTalk launched its website security project. The service protects administrator control panel from brute-force attacks and records users’ actions.

Since the 29th of November Security by CleanTalk has become the Cloud Service and now all main data will be available in The Service Dashboard. The cost of the service is $20 per year for 1 website.

Switching to Cloud Data Storage allows to show more data and use the information more flexible thanks to different filters in your Dashboard.

In the previous versions all data were being stored in a website database and big amount of information alongside with its operations would affect website speed, all this could give a result of bad website ranking of search engines. Cloud Data Storage is safer than website database. If an intruder could get access to your website then he could delete all data he might be traced with.

Cloud Service provides data storage for the last 45 days including users action log, brute-force attacks statistics and successful backend logins and you can always get to know who and what actions were made if it is necessary.

New version of the Security Service by CleanTalk

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