CleanTalk launches a project to ensure the safety of websites

CleanTalk launches a major project to create a cloud service for the safety of websites. The project will include several functions: protect the site against brute force attacks, vulnerability scanner and virus removal.

Each function will have a number of features which help you easily keep the website safe from hackers.

At the moment, we have implemented the function of protecting the website against brute force attacks

The plugin does not require any configuration and works automatically. This is an effective plugin that does not load the server and does not use the database of the website or file .htaccess.

The plugin sends a report to the administrator’s e-mail containing information on the number of incorrect password entries and the IP addresses from which they were produced.

Our immediate plans for the function brute force protection:

-add in daily report, the IP address belonging to the country that will help you to immediately identify the threat and to block access to this IP to the site. To block access you can use SpamFireWall option in Anti-Spam plugin.

-add two-factor authentication. If there are several login attempts into your account, the next time you login, you will be sent an email with a confirmation code. This option significantly increases the protection against brute force attacks. If after several attempts, a hacker can guess the password, he will not be able to enter, as he will not get the access code.

We plan to develop the service for the protection of websites, install the latest version of our plug-in Security & Firewall and participate in the development.

You can download CleanTalk security plugin here.

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