We are happy to announce CleanTalk Web Application FireWall for WordPress Security Plugin. The main purpose of WAF is to protect the Web application from unauthorized access, even if there are critical vulnerabilities.

It allows you to protect Web applications from known and unknown attacks. Its use is transparent to all visitors to the website and does not require knowing how is HTTP working and allows very accurate filtering, supports both GET and POST methods, requests to dynamic resources.

So, hackers use additional HTTP parameters to use vulnerabilities that allow them to get access to a website or prevent changes on your website.

WAF catches all requests to your website and checks HTTP parameters that include: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), uploading files from non-authorised users, PHP constructions/code, the presence of malicious code in the downloaded files.

So, if HTTP request contains these parameters then this request will be blocked. The special page and reason for blocking will show for blocked requests.

In addition to effective information security and information security applications are required to know what is quality of protection and CleanTalk is logged all blocked requests that allow you to know and analyze accurate information. You can see your Cleantalk Logs in your Control panel. https://cleantalk.org/my/logs_firewall

CleanTalk Web Application FireWall for WordPress is the proactive defense against known and unknown vulnerabilities to prevent hacks in real-time.

Learn more, how to set up and test

CleanTalk Web Application FireWall for WordPress Security Plugin

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