In the world of WordPress, there are hundreds of thousands of plugins, and security plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your website. In this article, we present an overview of the “Simple Author Box” plugin version 6.3.1 and some exciting news: it has undergone rigorous security testing and has earned the CleanTalk “Plugin Security Certification” badge.

Name of PluginSimple Author Box
DescriptionDisplay author information at the end of each article on a WordPress website.
SecuritySuccessfully tested for SQL Injections, XSS Attacks, CSRF Attacks, Authentication Vulnerabilities, Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities, Denial-of-Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities, Data Leakage Vulnerabilities, Insecure Dependencies, Code Execution Vulnerabilities, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities, File Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities, Insufficient Injection Protection, and Information Leakage Vulnerabilities.
CleanTalk CertificationReceived the “Plugin Security Certification” badge from CleanTalk.
Additional InformationIt’s advisable to verify the most up-to-date information on the plugin developer’s website.
Plugin Security Certification by CleanTalk

In addition to automated security testing, a comprehensive manual review of the “Simple Author Box” plugin version 6.3.1 was conducted. Our team of security (Penetration Testers) experts meticulously analyzed the plugin’s codebase and functionalities. The result is clear: after this thorough review, we found no vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could pose a threat to WordPress websites. Website administrators can confidently use this plugin, knowing it enhances functionality without compromising security.

Simple Author Box: A Brief Overview

“Simple Author Box” is a popular WordPress plugin designed to display author information at the end of each article on your website. It’s a handy tool for maintaining transparency and connecting authors with readers.

Among the key features of “Simple Author Box” are:

  • Displaying the author’s avatar.
  • Showing the author’s name.
  • Linking to the author’s profiles on social networks.
  • Displaying a brief author biography.

Security First

One of the most critical aspects of any WordPress plugin is its security. We understand that WordPress users expect the plugins they install on their websites to be reliable and secure against vulnerabilities. Therefore, “Simple Author Box” version 6.3.1 has been carefully tested for the following security categories:

  1. SQL Injections: It checks if the plugin is vulnerable to executing unwanted SQL queries to the database. SQL injections can be exploited by malicious actors to gain access to or modify data.
  2. XSS Attacks (Cross-Site Scripting): It verifies whether the plugin prevents the injection of malicious scripts that run on the client-side. XSS attacks can be used to steal user data or redirect to phishing websites.
  3. CSRF Attacks (Cross-Site Request Forgery): It ensures that the plugin is not susceptible to attacks where attackers can perform undesirable actions on behalf of authenticated users without their knowledge.
  4. Authentication Vulnerabilities: It checks if there are any weak points in the authentication system that could be exploited for unauthorized access to administrative functions.
  5. Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities: It checks if there are any ways to bypass authentication mechanisms and gain access to protected resources.
  6. Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities: It verifies if there are vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to obtain additional privileges on the site.
  7. Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities: It checks whether the plugin is susceptible to buffer overflow, which could lead to the execution of malicious code.
  8. Denial-of-Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities: It examines whether there are any methods that could be used to deny service to the website or server, such as by generating a large number of requests.
  9. Data Leakage Vulnerabilities: It checks for any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data or user information.
  10. Insecure Dependencies: It verifies whether the plugin uses outdated or insecure libraries and dependencies that could pose security risks.
  11. Code Execution Vulnerabilities: It checks for vulnerabilities that could allow the execution of malicious code on the server.
  12. Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities: It examines whether the plugin could allow one user to access data or functionality intended for other users.
  13. File Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities: It verifies that the plugin does not allow unauthorized access to files and server resources.
  14. Insufficient Injection Protection: It checks whether the plugin protects against injection attacks to prevent unwanted consequences.
  15. Information Leakage Vulnerabilities: It verifies whether there are ways to leak sensitive information, such as passwords or user data, through the plugin.

CleanTalk “Plugin Security Certification”

We are proud to announce that “Simple Author Box” version 6.3.1 has been assessed and certified by CleanTalk, one of the leading experts in plugin security for WordPress. This certification badge confirms that the plugin adheres to high security standards and is suitable for use on your website.


“Simple Author Box” version 6.3.1 is a reliable and secure plugin that will help you maintain transparency and connect with your authors and readers. It has undergone thorough security testing and has received certification from CleanTalk’s “Plugin Security Certification.” You can install it with confidence, knowing that your website will be protected against vulnerabilities.

Choose “Simple Author Box” for your WordPress site, and you can be sure of its reliability and security.

Plugin Security Certification: “Simple Author Box” Version 6.3.1: Security at the Forefront

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