New Feature for CleanTalk Security Service


CleanTalk continues to develop Security Service and launches new option “BlackIPs Database”.

Our Cloud Service processes millions of requests every day and we know which IPs have suspicious activity in real time.

BlackIPs Database — is the database of the most active IP addresses where massive spam and brute force attacks come from. When IP starts attacking a few websites they are immediately added to the blacklist. IPs that stop attacking are being removed over time and that time is relatively short — usually about 2 weeks.

This option will be a powerful way to improve the Security Service for your websites.

Blocking a bad IP completely is more effective and safer than just blocking its malicious requests because you don’t allow it to gather information about the target website it is about to attack.

BlackIPs Database is included in the standard package of Security Service and does not require any additional payment, just enable this option in your CleanTalk Dashboard -> Settings then mark the option “Use CleanTalk database of dangerous IP addresses”.

If you need to add exceptions for IP addresses or subnets, you can add them to white lists that have higher priority and will not be blocked.

In 2 weeks we will add new parameters to Security Service Log that will show blocked requests and Page URL which the IP address was trying to get access to.

CleanTalk Real-Time BlackIPs Database is one of the greatest security features.

We work every day to continuously improve and evolve our services.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.

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