What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages — it’s the tool for static content web-page creation with almost instant load for mobile devices. It consists of three parts:

  1. AMP HTML — it’s HTML with limitations for reliable performance and some extensions for building rich content.
  2. AMP JS — is library which ensures the fast rendering of pages. Third-party JavaScripts are forbidden.
  3. Google AMP Cache — is a proxy-based content delivery network for delivering all valid AMP documents.  It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches and improves page performance automatically.


  • Lightweight version of standard web-pages with high speed load.
  • Instant multimedia content load: videos, animations, graphics.
  • Identical encoding — the same fast rendered website content on different devices.
  • AMP project is open source, it enables free information sharing and ideas contribution.
  • Possible advantage in SEO as page load speed is one of the ranking factors.
  • There are plugins for popular CMS to make AMP usage easier in your website.

How to use it in WordPress

When you choose what AMP plugin to use keep in mind the following:

— Integration with SEO plugin for attaching corresponding metadata.

— Analytics gathering with traffic tracking of your AMP page.

— Displaying ads if you are a publisher.

Available plugins in the WordPress catalog:

  1. AMP by Automattic
  2. Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Pages by PageFrog
  3. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
  4. AMP Supremacy
  5. Custom AMP (requires installed AMP by Automattic)

As example let’s install and activate AMP by Automattic and create a new post with multimedia content. Please, take note that not page but post. Pages and archives are not currently supported.

AMP by Automattic plugin converts your post into accelerated version of the post automatically and you don’t have to duplicate by yourself. Just add /amp/ (or ?amp=1) to the end of your link and that would be enough.

How to setup CleanTalk for AMP

Please, make sure that the option “Use AJAX for JavaScript check” is disabled as it will prevent regular JavaScript execution.

The option is here:

WordPress Admin Page —> Settings —> CleanTalk and uncheck SpamFireWall.  

Then, click on Advanced settings —> disable “Use AJAX for JavaScript check” —> Save Changes.

Other options will not interrupt AMP post functioning. The CleanTalk Anti-Spam plugin will protect all data sending fields that were rendered after the conversion.

For now, most AMP plugins remove the possibility to comments and send contact form data on accelerated pages.

Google validation

Now you need to validate your website structured data using the tool “Google Validator”:


If you don’t do this a search bot will not simply pay its attention to your post and no one will see it in the search results.

Copy and paste the link to your AMP post and see the result. Fix the problems you will be pointed at.

After that your AMP version of the post will be ready to use.


AMP project:

AMP blog:

AMP plugins in the WordPress catalog:

Google Search recommendations of how to create accelerated mobile pages:

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? How to setup CleanTalk for AMP

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