We are happy to inform you about launching our new feature for the WordPress CleanTalk Security plugin.

One of the most important component of Traffic Analysis is ability to monitor traffic in real time.

Tracking of your website activity in real time. You can see how many visitors of your website or blog are online and what pages they are on, plus how much time they spent being there.

Many tools only track traffic of visitors who enabled JavaScript in their browsers, thus they are not capable to show you the whole picture. CleanTalk Traffic Control will track every single visitor no matter if they are using JavaScript or not and provides many valuable traffic parameters such as:

 • Date and time of the visit to your website;
 • Spent time on your website;
 • IP-addresses;
 • Source country;
 • Browser;
 • Operational System;
 • Type of the visitor — Visitor, Search Bot, different bot, suspicious bot and so on;
 • A number of visited pages.


 • Block specific IP-address, network or country directly from the interface.
 • Block IP-address automatically if the threshold of average quantity of visited pages was exceeded.

This is great monitoring tool to see attacks in real time and to block them if necessary.

CleanTalk Traffic Control — analyze web traffic in real-time

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