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How to protect mobile app from bots

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Why it is important to protect a mobile app from spam bots

Spam bots are a serious threat to your website, but it affects your mobile app just the same. More than 54% of traffic goes from mobile devices and 76% of internet traffic comes from bad bots. This means that bad bots generate up to 41% of your mobile traffic However, we have listed 5 reasons to protect your mobile app from bots and to stop bad bots before harming your app.


Why it is important to protect your mobile app from spam bots

  1. User experience
    Spam bots can flood your app with fake accounts, comments, and messages, which can eventually lead to degrading the user experience for legitimate users.
  1. Security
    Spam bots can carry out malicious activities such as spreading malware, phishing attacks, and stealing sensitive information from users.
  1. Resource consumption
    Spam bots can overwhelm your servers and consume valuable resources, leading to slower performance and increased costs.
  1. Reputation
    If your app is known for being overrun by spam bots, it can damage your reputation and deter legitimate users from using your app.
  1. Compliance
    Depending on the nature of your app, you may be required to comply with regulations related to data privacy and security. Allowing spam bots to operate unchecked can put you at risk of violating these regulations.


How it works

The Bot Detector works in the background and is not visible to the user. It does not require the user to confirm that he is not a bot.


How to install your mobile app spam protection

If you need to protect mobile apps from spam, you will definitely need a solution that uses API to check registrations for spam. The Bot Detector service uses the CleanTalk check_bot API method via a special library that you can download and integrate with just 1 line of code. You can check out our detailed instructions on GitHub below.

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How to protect mobile app from bots
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