CleanTalk Company finished the development of an application for vBulletin which allows protection to a forum from spam.

This application allows protection from automatically distributed spam, as well as from spam bots registrations. As an extra service, users can take advantage of additional functions, they can block messages with the help of stop-words  or compile their own dictionary of stop-words. The service allows to send messages with obscene words and pejoratives to manual moderation. The protection method offered by CleanTalk allows to switch from the methods that trouble the communication (CAPTCHA, question-answer etc.) to a more convenient one.

CleanTalk – is a cloud automatic spam protection service.  To detect spam the multi-stage verification systems will check the pertinence of a message to the topic of a page, time of forms filling etc.

The Company provides automatic spam protection services for popular  CMS : Joomla, phpBB, WordPress, DataLife Engine, IP Board.

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CleanTalk Company expanded its spam protection services for websites. A CMS protection app vBulletin was issued

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