What makes us different from other spam protection services? Why choose us?

  1. No Captcha or other actions required from the user. This lowers the conversion, irritates the customer and makes them leave. They are unsafe and let a lot of spam in, transferring the problem form webmaster to the customers, which means that you have spam problems and you don’t know what to do about them. You don’t know how many customers you’ve lost because they couldn’t insert symbols right.
  2. It’s more reliable than similar systems. Those systems let the spam in; they have different operation principle and can’t be as reliable as CleanTalk. CleanTalk algorithms estimate user’s behavior and the way he fills out the forms. These multilevel checks enable CleanTalk to reach high efficiency in spam protection. With other protection systems, real users might be mistaken for spam, they put all spam messages in a spam folder and you have to look through it all the time not to miss a client. This folder has to be cleaned all the time, which leads to more load on the website and it starts to work slower.
  3. CleanTalk is more reliable than protection based on JavaScript check. It’s worth mentioning that spambots can run JavaScript and their number grows, meaning that spam grows too. Some customers turn off the JavaScript support in their browsers for safety purposes, these customers leave without you even knowing about it.
  4. Clear statistics. CleanTalk extremely open statistics for all incoming registrations/ comments, which gives you full control of the process. You will never miss a message. In order to inform clients, CleanTalk sends weekly report to your e-mail, containing information on the number of approved and spam registrations/comments. CleanTalk provides you with diagrams for your every website and you can see the dynamics of spam activity or rightful comments/registrations on your website.
  5. CleanTalk protects all forms at once – comments, registration, feedback, contact, reviews. There’s no need to install a separate plug-in for a specific form.
  6. Easy to install and use. Even my grandma can do it.
  7. CleanTalk operates automatically, which saves your time and resources, letting you focus on developing and improving your web-site and business without being distracted by other matters.
  8. CleanTalk is a premium service. This guarantees that plug-in won’t disappear the way others do, you can always contact technical support and your request will be processed promptly. We seek to provide high class service and cannot afford to distribute a free version, since they always have limitations, which influences the quality of spam protection. Purchasing the year of service, you save a lot more and get:
  •         100% protection against spambots
  •         Time and resources saving
  •         More registrations/comments/visitors
  •         Protect several websites at once at different CMS
  •         Easy to install and use
  •         Traffic acquisition and user loyalty
  •         24/7 technical support
  •         Clear statistics
  •         No captcha, puzzles, etc.
  •         Free mobile app

Everyday we save time for something good for you, like:

  • Have a cup of coffee
  • Read the news
  • Buy donuts

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