Dear customers, we are pleased to present you a new option that simplifies management settings if you have a lot of sites. CleanTalk allows you to create templates for the control panel and plugin settings.

Templates for the control panel settings

If you need the same site settings in the control panel, you can select the site whose settings you want to apply to all other sites and create a template based on it. Next, you can apply this template to one, all or several sites and the control panel settings will be applied to the selected sites.

You can also set a default template and this template will be automatically applied to all new sites that you add to the service control panel.

You can create several templates and apply the desired template when adding a new site. You can see detailed instructions on how to use control panel templates here

Templates for Anti-Spam and Security plugins

A new Import/Export settings option has been added to the plugin. With this option, you can create a plugin settings template and transfer the settings to your other site. When installing the plugin on a new site, you can import settings from an existing template. Import/Export option works only in the WordPress plugin.

You can add control panel settings and site settings to one template and apply them to multiple sites at the same time, or set a default template.

You can see detailed instructions on how to use plugin templates here

If you have any questions, add a comment and we will be happy to help you.

New option. Settings templates

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