A new kind of plugin settings page

We have simplified the plugin settings page and added new elements.

  1. Add visual display protected forms and the user can immediately see that the protection is active.
  2. We’ve removed in a drop-down advanced settings, these settings for 99.99% of the users  are optimal and do not require changes.
  3. In the status bar we’ve added  plugin statistics of processed events in the past 24 hours. You’ll always know how many comments was added and how many spam attacks was stopped. Statistics has a link to the CleanTalk Control Panel to view detail and service management, as well as a quick link to the plugin’s settings.

New Cleantalk setting

New CleanTalk settings

New CleanTalk settings

Old CleanTalk settings

Old CleanTalk settings

Old CleanTalk settings

We will be grateful to you if you say your opinion. Thank you!

2 responses to “A new kind of plugin settings page”

  1. susanbetweennapsontheporch says:

    Just added Anti-Spam to my blog but spam comments are still getting through. Suggestions?

  2. shagimuratov says:

    Hello Susan,

    It looks like something wrong with plugin setup on your website, because my dummy “spam” comment passed by plugin too.

    Please let us 1-2 days to figure our this issue. I will write you back here.

    Thank you!

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