CleanTalk DNSBL check for spam IPs

We have updated our capabilities of the blacklist database and added DNSBL access. More on CleanTalk BlackList Database
CleanTalk DNSBL allows you to simplify access for users who are already using DNSBL in their projects. You can use CleanTalk DNSBL to filter email spam as well as filter POST and GET requests to a website. You can see the price list here

There are currently 4 options for accessing the CleanTalk BlackList Database

Anti-Spam Blacklist API
spam_check () – API method for checking IPs or Emails in the BlackList. Supports issuing additional parameters about spam activity. This option includes the Email verification API for existence: email_check ().

Download the Blacklist IPs Database
You can download a database of IPs and Emails that are currently blacklisted. Two formats are supported, CSV and IPSet. CSV has extended spam activity data.

CleanTalk DNSBL
Access to check IP addresses for spam via DNS requests. Our instruction How to use the CleanTalk DNSBL service to check IP for spam.

Bulk Check of spam IPs and Emails
Web interface for bulk spam checking of IPs and Emails addresses.
Information on all methods is available here

If you have any questions, add a comment and we will be happy to help you.

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21.04.2021 | By: Alexander Bezborodov

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