CleanTalk launched the finding of domains on IP addresses.

Now, the method can transmit information about the presence of a domain at a given IP address. This suggests that the IP address belongs to the hosting and it has a website.

Use the “hosted_domains parameter” – 0 | 1 show list of hosted domains on an IPv4 address.

You can also get data on the number of known domains at a given IP address and a list of known domains.
To obtain data of the number of known domains, use the parameter “domains_count”  – a number of domains found on IPv4 address. 

You can use parameter the “domains_list” to obtain a list of known domains  – list of hosted domains/sites on IPv4 address. The method shows the first 1000 domains. To get a full list of domains please use the method “domains_list ()”.

Please see the full instructions for working with the API spam_check method.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below or create a private ticket.

We have released an update for the spam_check method API

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