Big update of the Universal Anti-Spam plugin

We are pleased to inform you that we have released a new version of the Universal Anti-Spam Plugin Version 2.1.

Significant changes have been made to this version.

One of these changes was the addition of new functionality. We have added the ability to use Spam FireWall in the Universal anti-spam plugin. Learn more about Spam FireWall here.

Another important addition is the ability to automatically uninstall the plugin. In previous versions of the plugin, there was no such possibility and it was only possible to remove the plugin manually. Now the plugin itself does this, which will simplify the use and subsequent updates of the plugin. This feature will only work from the current version.

We also added the definition of the CMS on which the plugin is installed, if there is an individual anti-spam plugin for this CMS, a notification about this will be displayed.
Some changes and additions were also made to the definition of spam parameters, which will improve the spam protection of various forms on the website.

The Universal anti-spam plugin allows you to protect any website on any CMS or custom website from spam and spam bots.

Instructions, how to install the Universal anti-spam plugin.

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