We have updated the data that is given out as a work result of the API of the spam_check method.

Data is now sent for any records in the database. Previously, data sent if the records had the status BlackListed.

Next parameters have been added:

-spam_rate – a rating of spam activity from 0 to 100%. 100 means certain spam. The ratio of blocked requests to all. As an example: 100 requests have been made and 97 requests of them have been blocked so spam rate will be 97%.

-frequency_time_10m – 10 minutes activity.
-frequency_time_1h – 1 hour activity.
-frequency_time_24h – 24 hours activity.

Parameters “frequency_time” show how many attempts of spam attacks were caught.

It allows you to make decisions more correctly and consider more parameters and you will get more information because of some of IP/email didn’t show by reason of low spam activity.


Let us know if you have any questions.

Updates for API method spam_check

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