CleanTalk has updated the API method “spam_check” that allows checking spam activity of IP and email addresses via the CleanTalk database.

What’s new:

  1. Displays the code of the country where the IP address belongs.
    This will help you know the geo-location of each IP address. The country code is displayed in a two-letter format in accordance with “ISO 3166-1 alpha-2”.
  2. Added checking email addresses for existence. You can find out more about checking email addresses for existence here: Real-Time Email Address Existence Validation.

    Be careful, email is checked for existence only if you send only one email address in an API request. See API instructions.
  3. Check email address for one-time use. Temporary email addresses for registration/comments and messages is one of the attributes of spam. What is wrong with using temporary email addresses? You can never contact this client and your marketing will not work. If this user forgets to log in/out, he will never be able to recover them.

Please, look at our API “spam_check” guide.

Updating the API method “spam_check”

2 thoughts on “Updating the API method “spam_check”

  • April 14, 2024 at 7:13 pm

    The person who does maitance for my site, said she needs a Key. Where do I find that? It was not in the emails.


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