Good news for website owners on Magento 2.0 or newer. We have updated our UniForce extension, and now it works with Magento 2.X.


What exactly the extension does

UniForce is an extension that can be installed on any PHP site, CMS, or framework. We also call Uniforce a Universal security plugin for every CMS.

  • Malware scanning
    One-time and daily automatic tests for existing Malware and viruses among the site’s files.

  • Firewall
    Firewall – uses a database of IP addresses of those who attempt to hack sites, personal IP lists, networks, and countries. These lists forbid visiting the site, which means you can’t get to the site from these IPs.

  • XSS, SQL, and exploit-based attacks
    Protect a website from exploit attacks, XSS attacks, and SQL injections.

  • Brute-force protection
    Protect a website from password guessing (brute-force).


How to install UniForce on Magento 2.0 or newer

We have prepared a detailed 8-step instruction for you on how to install UniForce on your Magento site.

Magento 2 Security Extension Released

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