Today we’ve upgraded Automatic moderation servers, the new version (2.19.98) has feature of automatic learning preferences of the owner of the site in the following cases:

  1. Publication comments with HTTP links in the text. Previously, these messages Automoderator publicates on the site (blog/forum), the new version takes into account with the preference of site owner. Another words, if the owner removes on the manual moderation from the publication the message, then all of the following messages (with HTTP links) Automoderator will send to the manual moderation queue. Conversely, if allowed to publish posts with links, there Automoderator would publish such messages
  2. Earlier pingbacks Automoderator to the article published in the absence of spam. The new version Automoderator, as in the cases of the messages takes into account the preferences of the owner site, and therefore is able to either publish or post on manual modeartsiyu pingbacks.

Changes on item by point 1 are available in all versions of the client, the changes on item point 2 plug-ins are available in WordPress since version 1.4.4.

HTTP links in comments, pingbacks at WordPress
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