We are pleased to announce the launch of check the availability of backlinks to domain in spam comments/messages.

CleanTalk keeps track of the links in spam comments/messages; this will help you to learn about the incorrect SEO techniques in promoting the website and to maintain the reputation of the website. The presence of the domain in the links of spam messages it is a reason to contact your SEO company and clarify which methods they use for SEO. If you have an affiliate program, you can check their domain and IP to check the reputation.

Many people know that if you send spam, your IP address will be blacklisted. But not all people know that your domain name can be listed in various black lists. If this happens, no matter where you send the message, various spam filters can find your domain name in the content and block the message.

The presence of links to the domain in spam messages could have a negative impact on SEO, because search engines can identify a comment on the site as spam.

You can check domain here.

Check domain for backlinks in spam comments/messages.

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