In this week we have updated the automatically moderation servers. In the new version of the server software made 2 important changes.

Offtopic tests
Firstly, disabled offtopics filtering for message not containing spam. Let me remind you that these signs are – finding author in black lists, offline, JavaScript, suspiciously little time spent on writing the comment.

In other words, a check of офтоп is included only for suspicious messages and aims to make an additional filter for cut-off spam messages.

In the future we plan to enable the enable filtering офтопов including not spam messages, hope this option will be useful for large sites, forums, for which it is important to reduce the time of moderation-messages from site visitors.

Spam filtering for suspended accounts
The second important change is the policy of filtering spam in cases of suspending the account (either on a daily limit of approved requests tariff, or over the limit approved requests to a manual renewal).

In the new version spam requests from suspended accounts are filtered in full, i.e. not limited extent. But if the registration is legitimate (approved by the service), then such registration will be sent to manual activation of account of the administration of the forum/site. If the message is not spam (approved by the service) it will be sent to the administration of the site/forum.

Thus service CleanTalk protects the site from spam, regardless of the state of the service account, in cases of suspending the account owner of the site may have to manually activate the new accounts and approve the message, but it will also be delivered from the manual processing of spam account, messages.

Policy changes for spam filtering
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