How to add more web sites

Many webmasters have more than one website, and Cleantalk can unite several websites under one account. You will not need to set up individual log in and password for each website, no need to remember and store such data. All you need to do is add a new website to an existing account. It takes mere seconds, and you can add antispam for the second website and for each subsequent one.

Go to Control Panel and click button “CREATE”

mysite   Antispam control panel

Fill in the Site URL, Service name and select your CMS. Push the button CREATE and go to the next page.

New website

Here we see the parameters you provided the new site and the access key. Access key must be entered in the settings of your plugin. You can download and read manual settings on the plugin the link to the page, or go to the Control Panel service.

Website options  service

After setting up the plugin, you can test using a test email *protected email* Do not forget to get out of the account administrator website.

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