Email marketing for the cloud service

For cloud services, email marketing is an important tool that should be used for maximum impact. Email remains one of the main driving forces in the marketing and is the basis for creating customer relationships. Properly configured email marketing can provide significant growth in the customer base. We want to tell about our developments used in the service of spam protection CleanTalk.

Step one. The letter with the details

Access key

Nothing extra, nothing distracts the user from the main goal – to use the service to solve their problems, only the functionality and minimalism. A letter is sent immediately after registration.

Step two. The email anti-spam report


Letter is sent on the 5th day of using the service at 10 am at the user’s time. Until 10 am, many users have time to see all the mail; there are no unread messages already, and the probability that our letter will be lost in the mass decreases.

Title immediately attracts attention, the numbers of spam attacks and mention of the website arouse great interest the user to open the letter and read the contents. The content of the letter is the statistics of the work of the service, and users become familiar with ability to control the service, there is an understanding that the blocked messages will not be lost even in case of errors.

Each number is a link, clicking on which the user gets to the page of detail of the queries, where you can view the IP/email and the contents of the message and the reason for blocking.

Because other solutions could not provide such statistics, it arouses interest from users: to see the filtering accuracy and just out of curiosity to know what is written in the spam. After going to the dashboard, they are continuing familiarity with the service.

This mailing is primarily intended for new users, to show them the utility of the service and convenience, so the percentage of opening of the report 30-35%, experienced users look at the statistics without notice.

Step Three. The notice of the imminent end of the trial period


The letter is sent the same day that the anti-spam report, but already at 3 pm the user’s time. After lunch, users again have time to view all the mail and the probability of lost of the letter less.

Title letter «This email is about donuts and coffee» attracts interest and is consistent with the text of the letter without causing irritation. The header defines the expectations of the letter of the text, and it is justified.

The letter is intended to inform the user of the imminent end of the trial period and remind the need to pay the service for future use. The title and text are intended to mitigate the irritation from having to pay and cause positive emotions. In the letter we write that as a result the user gets their money’s worth. Spam protection? But there are other options; we give to understand that CleanTalk saves time that can be spent on more useful things.

Purchase put off for later, it reduced conversions. Therefore, in the letter there is an element of urgency to induce the user to make a decision. It’s a bonus +3 free months when you pay before the end of the trial period, prompts the user for a decision.

About the service CleanTalk

CleanTalk is a cloud service to protect websites from spam bots. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the visitors of the website. This allows you to abandon the methods of protection that require the user to prove that he is a human (captcha, question-answer etc.).

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