We are glad to inform you that the CleanTalk Team launched a new service that helps in managing your projects and tasks.

Our new service doBoard is intended for helping in organizing workflows and managing tasks within teams. To manage your tasks effectively, a convenient tool is required that lets you plan the time of your employees and time frames of the tasks.

Tasks can be planned and controlled with many methods including stickers where you write down your notes. Of course, effective team work is impossible in that case. You will have to spend a huge amount of time on routine actions.

A few years ago our team ran into a problem of planning our tasks, we could not tell precisely in what time frames our various task lists will be finished and could not predict the exact release dates of the new service features. We did a research of different task management tools that offer a convenient team work space, while the tool had to be simple and easy for work as we wanted to integrate our own tools into it. Nonetheless, nothing sufficed all our particular needs and we decided that such tool will be developed by us for managing tasks and projects.

Today we are ready to introduce you our new project “doBoard”. We have already finished transferring all our projects and tasks in our new service and we are using it for team work for more than 2 months.

No matter of your workplace, at home or in the office, our service provides you with effective work flow planning for your employees and for other parties who are involved in your projects. Regardless of your business area, effective workflow management plays an important role in achieving your goals. You can even plan your home renovation and construction and assign the tasks between the contractors, or plan a preparation for an important event.

The CleanTalk Team offers you to try the new service and we will be glad to receive your feedback. Welcome on doBoard to manage your work.

CleanTalk Launched an Online Service for Planning and Managing Projects and Tasks
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