CleanTalk launched an online web scanner

We launched a web version of a malicious code scanner that checks for malicious code on the pages of a website. So, you can check your website pages for a malicious code here

The scanner checks the HTML code on the web page and if suspicious code is found, such as redirects, scripts, etc. it will be displayed in the results. Also in the results will be displayed all of the links that are on this page.

External links – these links lead to other web sites, be careful and make sure that all links are correct. Often, malicious code can inject hidden links into your web page code that are not visible on the page but visible to search bots.

Internal links – are links to your website, when you click on a link you can scan the corresponding page.

The web malware scanner uses the same scan engine as the CleanTalk Security Plugin.

Malicious code can be placed in different files of the website, the web scanner checks only the public part of the website (frontend). For a full scan, use our security plugin, which will perform a comprehensive scan of all the files on the website. Learn more about CleanTalk Security for a website.

Thank you!

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