Checking Outbound Links with CleanTalk Security

Outbound links have an effect on your SEO and when search crawls your web pages all of the outbound links may be an important thing for page ranking.

We have added the option “Scan outbound links” in our WordPress Security Plugin.

This option allows you to let know the number of outgoing links from your website and websites on which they linking to. All websites will be checked by our Database and will show results if they were used as links in spam messages. It allows you to check your website and find hidden links or spam links.

You should always remember if you have links to other websites which have a bad reputation, it will be able to have an effect your on visitor’s trust and your SEO.

To launch External Links Check go to your WordPress admin panel -> Settings -> Security by CleanTalk -> General Settings and pick Scan Links option. Next step, go to the tab “Malware Scanner” and press the button “Perform Scan”.

The first step in the scanning is searching for malware in WordPress files, the second step is searching for links in your whole website including theme files, posts, and comments.

The result of the scanning will be the list of each link you have. You can look it through and decide what links are unnecessary and delete them.

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