Updating plugins and themes on the site can be a problem for website owners. This is especially true for webmasters who support several websites, you have to go to every website and make an update, and it takes your time. We have released an update that will perform this routine task and will update CleanTalk Anti-Spam on all sites at once.

CleanTalk Dashboard allows you to select several websites and update the plugin at once on all sites one click or you can setup auto-update for all websites or separate websites.
Note: there is 24 hours delay before auto-update will do. This delay allows needing to avoid any issues. All updates that made through CleanTalk Dashboard manually will do immediately.

How does it work?

  • Manual update on all or selected websites at once.
  • Auto-update on all or selected websites at once.

Please, go to your CleanTalk Dashboard.

  • Choose a website that needs to update the plugin.
  • Click on the link Update app.
  • Next step, in pop-up you can choose:
    do a manual update and the plugin will be updated immediately. You can do this action for all websites
    set auto-update, in the next time plugin will be updated automatically.

In the end, enjoy you saved your time.

Auto-updating system will work from CleanTalk Anti-Spam version 5.88

Auto-Update for CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin

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