CleanTalk Anti-Spam has native spam protection for Woocommerce. Any web form on the website is subject to spam attacks and you can install CleanTalk Anti-Spam to protect all existing forms on the WordPress site at once and you do not need to integrate protection for each form separately.

CleanTalk anti-spam processes more than 35,000 orders daily. Below is a list of the top10 countries from which order spam comes in for 1 day.

Country | Number of spam |

  • | GB | 1460 |
  • | US | 642 |
  • | LT | 635 |
  • | PH | 436 |
  • | CA | 272 |
  • | RU | 218 |
  • | DE | 127 |
  • | NL | 91 |
  • | FR | 82 |
  • | PK | 61 |

CleanTalk provides a powerful tool for spam, profanity, email validation, personal IPs/Emails lists and more.
You can read more about all CleanTalk features here

Whether you use Woocommerce on your WordPress site, you can use the CleanTalk Anti-Spam to protect any other web forms on WordPress.

How to install CleanTalk Anti-Spam on WordPress

To install the anti-spam plugin, go to your WordPress admin panel -> Plugins -> Add New
enter cleantalk in the search box and click the Install button for “Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk”.
After installing the plugin, click the “Activate” button and go to the plugin settings and click the “Get Access Key Automatically” button and click the “Save Settings” button.

Your WordPress site and Woocommerce are now protected from spam.
Or use our installation instructions.

You can find the options for managing spam protection for Woocommerce in the plugin settings WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Anti-Spam by CleanTalk -> Advanced Settings -> WooCommerce

WooCommerce checkout form – spam protection for Woocommerce checkout form.

Spam test for registration during checkout – this option protects against spam registrations that occur during Woocommerce checkout.

How to test spam protection

You can test the work of anti-spam protection for any web form by using a test email s @ (without spaces). First, open the form in an Incognito browser tab. Fill in all the required form fields and send a form. After submitting the form, you will see a block message about the block on the form submission.

If you have any questions, add a comment and we will be happy to help you.


The protection works only for website visitors, not for website admins. Be sure to test the form protection using Incognito mode.

Spam Protection for Woocommerce forms without captcha

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2 thoughts on “Spam Protection for Woocommerce forms without captcha

  • July 20, 2022 at 3:32 am

    The test works great, thank you team!
    But now, how to stop swear words in WooCommerce checkout page: A name like f*** p*ssy from efing**… ? I’m sorry for the language, but the plugin isn’t filtering those trolls on $0 products.


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