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We must inform you that some days ago we have been attacked by spam on our service. Spammers used species emails *protected email* to send spam comments/registrations / subscriptions. At the moment, the attack affected about 4,000 websites. This is not the first such attack on our service, just a couple of weeks ago we faced with a DDoS attack, which we are pretty well blocked.


A little add the message to avoid misunderstandings.

It was not a spam via SMTP and the substitution of the sender’s address. This spam is caused by the fact that spammers use your public email for subscriptions to news and stuff on other websites.

The problem is actually much wider, we are a small company and we have not caused any difficulties. But for large companies, which business is tied to e-mail, receiving orders for example?

Let’s say John Doe took for the example online shop, took them the email address for type orders *protected email* and signed up with this address on 10,000 newsletters at different sites. Every day, this address will be sent news and other mailings, the work of the sales department in this store can be significantly slowed down and cause losses for business, including reputation ones.

There are several problems here:

  1. Websites are poorly protected from spam.
  2. The company may have problems because it starts receiving a lot of messages.
  3. Reputation losses. Site owners see spam from you, the visitors of websites can see spam from you.

What do you think, how we can avoid it?

Spam attack on the CleanTalk Service
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