PHP Error Logging in the WordPress Backend

CleanTalk has added a new function in their WordPress Security Plugin. With CleanTalk Security you will always know about any PHP errors on your website.

Are you sure that your website doesn’t have PHP errors?
Not all hosting companies enable PHP Log by default and you need some time to enable it and sometimes it looks difficult if you don’t have enough experience.

Why is it important?

Any PHP errors tell you that some of your website functionality doesn’t work correctly, furthermore hackers may use these errors to get access to your website.

So, CleanTalk WordPress Security Plugin collects PHP errors and sends them to your CleanTalk Dashboard.

PHP Log contains data/time and the type of error:

Each type has a short comment, what does it mean and our recommendations for how to resolve it. You can view your log in CleanTalk Dashboard.

CleanTalk provides a simple and easy way to control all PHP errors and to prevent problems for your customers. You can enable this option on the settings page of CleanTalk WordPress Security plugin. Go to your WordPress Dashboard->Settings->Security by CleanTalk->General Settings->Miscellaneous and pick the option “Collect and send PHP logs”.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
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