Why You Must Be Using SSL on Your Website and for e-Commerce

With more and more businesses coming online and commercial markets opening every day, we are moving towards a cashless economy speedily. A wide range of goods and services are available online now. Cyber threats, in this scenario, aren’t any less. Hence, it has become equally important to protect and safeguard one’s legal rights online. That’s where Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates comes in handy. Most of the well-aware customers do not make a purchase from a website or consider a business less authentic if that ‘green light’ in your URL isn’t visible.

Do you know what impacts can SSL make, why is it a compulsion for your online store or website, and how to install or download it?

We have covered it all step-by-step. Take a quick look to understand it:

What is SSL and how it works?

The function of an SSL is to provide encryption between a Web server and a browser, by generating a link which guarantees that whatever information is passed between a browser and a server is completely secure and encrypted. This certificate is being used by websites all around the world today, especially by those, involved in e-commerce operations. It is mandatory to safeguard the transactions between a business and its customers.

In order to create a successful SSL connection, a certification is required by your server. When activated, it leads to the creation of two cryptogenic keys upon confirmation of the identity of your site and service. One of these is private key and another is public. An SSL Certificate contains details that validate your authenticity including the name of your company, domain website and your official offline address.

Benefits of SSL – Why is it Essential Today?

    1. SECURITY:
      Online privacy is of paramount importance to companies and individuals. Information passed from one source to another actually travels through many different computers before reaching the server it is destined for. Hence, the chance of a leak of private and crucial information such as credit card and bank account details is rather high, enhancing the need for a reliable security system such as SSL. Through SSL, identity thieves as well as hackers are kept at bay.SSL ensures tight encryption of the web pages, presence in registered domain. Through this, your buyers and visitors can stay assured that their personal information, identity and their other details are secure and that they are being legally protected against cyber theft and malpractice.Since e-commerce is being used by everyone and people have to share the confidential information, such as credit card details, no one trusts a non-SSL website for making purchase. Due to this security issue, your sales will face excessive decline. Not only your users, it also secures you by transmitting the amount to your account and not to the hacker.
      Using SSL is the guarantee that the information that is transmitted, reaches the correct person. Even though multiple computers are involved in the transmission of information, safety is guaranteed.Authenticity grants the boon of trust amongst the customers and service providers. Many customers will be using multiple computers or devices to make the purchase. Suppose they make the purchase through cyber cafes, the chances of an impostor website pretending to be yours is very high. Such sites are aimed at obtaining the financial and personal details of the customers. SSL certificates are only handed to those companies and websites who are able to prove their identity through many means. Authentication of an SSL certificate is guaranteed by third-party involvement in the procedure. This leads to increased contrast between the website and the SSL provider as well.
    3. TRUST
      When customers see the symbols that are placed as visual cues for them – for example the symbol of a lock icon on their web browser- this indicates to them that the connection they are currently making is secure and that their information is being protected against any kind of misuse which helps build the crucial trust between the clients and the traders. Healthy professional relationships are built on trust and reliability of the quality of both the websites as well as the products they sell. It has been shown that customers would keep coming back to a site reputed to be safe rather than one that offers a wider selection of services and products or even the websites that offer similar goods for lesser prices- hence proving the essentiality of trust. Providers of SSL generally add visual cues targeted to your customers who upon noticing them are not reluctant to make a purchase from you- following their instincts of your website not being a scam.This is also attributed to the fact that in order to be able to obtain secure credit card information from the customers for your website- there are many credibility tests to be passed before achieving the qualification of being compliant with the Payment Card Industry standards and guidelines- and one of them is a licensed and valid SSL certification.
      Many identity thieves and hacker websites resort to a scam method that is highly popular these days known as phishing- where in under the name of your company spam emails are sent out in mass to customers within and sometimes outside your database- so that when the customer- believing the e-mail to be sent by you opens the mail- they see a link which they assume is to your website- while in reality it is to a website set up by the phishers site where they either attempt to scam your customers out of information about their IDs or financial details including bank accounts and passwords. However, such phishing sites have one major drawback- they are not given any SSL Certification if your website has already acclaimed yours- hence to your customers who have previously visited your SSL protected site with the visual cues- something seems wrong and thus they do not trust that it is your website who has contacted them. This guarantees the safety of the customers from the phishers whilst leaving your reputation and customer relations untarnished.

All this being said here is why SSL isn’t that popular among many websites yet-

  1. The high cost of obtaining an SSL certification and renewing it periodically is not something that is affordable to most start-up and developing websites. Since the provision of an SSL service is rather detailed and tedious with most of the work being of a rather complicated nature, the cost is bound to be high for the amount of work put in. Since the arrival of numerous competitors the prices however have more or less been regulated.
  2. There is a delay in delivering high speed performance due to the multiple servers and multiple encryptions involved for each of these services which then has to be decoded by the designated server- the involvement of multiple resources along with the detailed encryption might lead to a less effective overall performance.

Improve Search Ranking. In recent orders by Google, the sites that have procured an SSL certification are listed as secure websites and hence prioritised by the search engine by boosting them to the top of the search results, thus SSL acts as an SEO tool without you even realising it. Google provides warnings to its users about the sites that are not using SSL by stating that these sites are not secure, quite rightly. A high ranking in the search results is a very important tool in the success of any online venture- business or not, hence this is of paramount importance to the commercial websites that they ensure they stay in the good books and approved lists of the very popular and highly trusted search engine providers such as Google since it is the most important link between any site and their potential customers or viewers. Since the impact of Google is rather high, customers are one hundred percent likely to steer clear of any site that has been given the label of being not secure by Google.

However, since the benefits outweigh the risks and drawbacks by a large amount, the best option is to always invest in a quality SSL providing service. Now the need comes to choosing wisely the best SSL available to you.

One of the most highly recommended SSL services would be CleanTalk which is ideal for start up websites who are practising small to medium scale businesses. Services are provided for personal blogging sites as well.

Why CleanTalk is one of the best SSL provider?

It is definitely one of the most cost effective SSL provider for small websites, among all others because it uses an effective and necessary SSL certificate that is the least expensive one of them all but covers all your basic needs- it guarantees your safety as well as your customers just like all the other SSL certifications but instead cuts out implications that are unnecessary for smaller websites- so there is no additional cost as this certification is provided keeping in mind exactly what you need and the financial drawbacks that are experienced by small scale websites.

User information is one hundred percent protected, the less expense does not compromise in any manner with the effectiveness of the service- customer satisfaction is guaranteed- in both quality and effect of the service- which has stood test of time.

At very affordable packages, you can avail the following services-

  1. Securing your domain name- both abc.com as well as www.abc.com (examples)
  2. A single domain can be effectively secured.
  3. The site is modified to be supported in mobile format.
  4. Guarantees 99.99 percent browser recognition.
  5. All this is done using 2048 bit signatures or 256 bit encryption.
  6. CleanTalk provides you with unlimited reissuance of the certification.
  7. Unlimited server licenses available.
  8. No tedious paper work involved- once certificate is obtained, the Comodo Certificate Centre automatically checks the domain name you have secured – saving you the need for other forms of legislation and proof in the form of additional paperwork.
  9. Search engine optimization results in Google search.

CleanTalk believes in putting the needs of the clients ahead of anything else and thus customer satisfaction and providing an error free service beneficial to the clients and their customers is the top priority. Technical support is always available on the website whether you need advice or help of any kind. All the staff are highly experienced and provide you with reassuring and always accessible services. It is an investment that is guaranteed to bring out the best in you along with guaranteed raise in your customer count. Other services are available on the site to protect you from scams. For effective security and a guaranteed beneficial plan avail now by reaching out as soon as possible – for the sooner you are secure, the more exposure you receive and higher is the success and popularity of your website as well as your overall reputation. So hurry now-now is the time and CleanTalk is the place to start building the trust and authenticity you and your brand deserve. Contact us for more details and check out our attractive deals available at easy access on our website – no time to waste if you want your rankings to be the top. Cleantalk is a reliable and trustworthy service that many popular sites have benefited upon and grown with mutually benefitting one another in the process.

Are you ready to receive an SSL Certificate?



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