It’s time to move websites to HTTPS

CleanTalk has become a Comodo SSL Partner and we started to provide SSL Certificates.

It is the best way to have your web services in one place to manage they.

There are a number of reasons for the accelerated adoption of HTTPS

-Improving SEO
-SSL Provides Trust
-SSL Provides Authentication
-Protects your and your visitor’s information
-Chrome browser will show your Domain URL as “Secure”

So, if your website does not yet support the SSL technology it’s time to make the move.

One of the most important factors in creating a successful online business is your clients’ trust. And one way to achieve it is providing your website safety using SSL certificate, which guarantees that all your clients’ data, logins, passwords and personal information will be transferred securely between your web server and browsers of the users.

Also, Google announced that having SSL certificate is the most simple thing to do for webmasters to improve their SEO. It also said that they “can make a decision to amplify” signal as they want to «encourage all webmasters to switch HTTP to HTTPS increasing Internet security for everyone».

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