Getting event notification on your website

Sometimes, you want to know what is happening on your website, maybe you want to be informed when any messages are sent and were it blocked or allowed by CleanTalk Anti-Spam.

We added a new feature to help you control for messages from your customers.

It allows you to add a notification with some parameters:

  • Website — what website you want to receive event notifications from
  • Type of Event — what events you want to see in the notifications (Allowed, Denied, All Events)
  • Method — select where notifications should go to (E-mail or URL)
  • Periodicity (for e-mail method) — how often do you want to receive notifications (Immediately, Every hour, Every 2 hours, Every 4 hours)
  • URL (for URL method) — input your link if you chose URL option in the previous step (JSON format)

Learn how you can set up events or change your settings.

3 responses to “Getting event notification on your website”

  1. its great am currently using it

  2. Steven says:

    this is great i want to add it to my site

  3. It is working for all anti-spam plugins.

    Please, read our guide how it works
    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!

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