Protecting email addresses from spammers is an important security rule for everybody on the Internet. Since spammers can capture email addresses with their automatic bot-programs, your inbox could become a trash can for many years if it wasn’t protected enough.

If you neglect protecting your inbox from spam, it could be filled with useless and unnecessary information. It could lead to missing important emails that might be more important to you. In some cases spam could become a dangerous malicious software that might harm your computer or your files.

To protect your email address from spam and crawlers/parsers you can use CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin that offers encoding and hiding your email address on your website. Our module protects email addresses from automatic crawlers and spammers and prevents your address to be added to spam mailing lists.

Other practical methods of protecting email addresses include using a symbol of comma or round brackets instead of dots, JavaScript code for hiding or encoding the addresses right inside of the HTML markup. If you use WordPress as your CMS, you can also use CleanTalk WordPress Email Encoder to hide your email address.

CleanTalk Email Encoder & Obfuscator — is a tool for encoding and hiding of your email address from bots and crawlers. It is an additional option in the CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin.

Generally, protection of your email address on your website and in your electronic documents is important for getting rid of a bombardment of your inbox by unwanted advertisements, fraudulent emails and preventing from being used in other malicious activities, that’s why it’s important to take measures to protect your own email address. CleanTalk Anti-Spam Plugin offers simple and effective methods of protecting your email address on your website.

Effective Way to Protect Your Email Address on Your Website From Spammers With Email Encoder

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