CleanTalk launched mobile application which is to control sign-up/commentary on a website

We have developed and launched a mobile application for clients of our service. Now all iPhone/iPad users will be able to monitor messages, commentaries and sign-ups controlled by the CleanTalk anti-spam service.

The application is unified with the anti-spam service by the CleanTalk company – it collects all data about commentaries and sign-ups on your website that is necessary for website administrators and instantly sends it to your mobile device. You will no longer need to sign in on your website or email as long as the application automatically notifies you about new information.

It is especially useful when you may not miss and important message, for instance, online shops owners will absolutely value such functions as you will be able to get instant information about an order received.

The application is available free in AppStore. Version for Android is currently being developed and will be released in the nearest future.

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