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Updated IP.Board anti-spam hook

Anti-spam hook for Invision Power Board (IP.Board) updated to version 1.1.2, change log: Enhanced JavaScript test on the client. Removed unnecessary error screens. Improved diagnostics server errors – as they arise forum administrator will receive an email with a description of the error and request number CleanTalk. XML file with hook cleantalk-ipboard-1.1.2.xml Traditionally we remind hook opportunities: Filtering

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CleanTalk Company expanded its spam protection services for websites. A CMS protection app vBulletin was issued.

CleanTalk Company finished the development of an application for vBulletin which allows protection to a forum from spam. This application allows protection from automatically distributed spam, as well as from spam bots registrations. As an extra service, users can take advantage of additional functions, they can block messages with the help of stop-words  or com

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Will CAPTCHA help?

You or your organization have a site or a forum in the internet, you’ve spent a lot of time and resources on its creation, filling, development and attraction of visitors. Your resource is popular, the presented information is discussed by the visitors, they express their opinion and give comments. But… Each owner of a sit

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HTTP links in comments, pingbacks at WordPress

Today we’ve upgraded Automatic moderation servers, the new version (2.19.98) has feature of automatic learning preferences of the owner of the site in the following cases: Publication comments with HTTP links in the text. Previously, these messages Automoderator publicates on the site (blog/forum), the new version takes into account with the preference of site owner

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