New Parameter to Filter Spam

How spammers circulate website spam? They use infected with viruses computers, hacked websites or they buy servers to spread spam.

In ordinary situations, websites do not send any comments (POST requests) to other websites and if that happens it is a certain sign of a hacked website.

Each hosting provider has its own IP range it uses for websites and servers, therefore receiving traffic (comments, registrations, messages) from these IPs looks very suspicious.

That’s why we added a new parameter to distinguish spam. It determines if an IP belongs to the hosting provider networks. If yes then all traffic coming from it will be checked with stricter tests.

As a result, the CleanTalk Service catches spam more precisely.

About CleanTalk service

CleanTalk is a cloud-based service for protecting websites from spambots. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the visitors of the website. This allows you to opt out of methods of protection that require the user to prove that he is human (captcha, question-answer, etc.).

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24.05.2018 | By: Alexander Bezborodov

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