CleanTalk informs you about the occurrence of an opportunity to manage personal black/white lists. You can view, add, and delete their items in the Control Panel->Logs

How it works

Go to CleanTalk Dashboard
Select web site and click “Logs”

Each records has menu for manage, if you mark record as “Spam” – this IP/Email will be added in your personal BlackList and will be always blocked on your website

If you mark record as “Not Spam” – CleanTalk will not check this IP/Email

To view personal lists click “Personal blacklists” under the record.

Here you can change status – just click on status and it will be changed. If you delete item then CleanTalk checks it as usually. You should delete or change status of both IP and email because if you delete only IP so that visitor will be blocked because his email is still in your personal blacklist.

Also you can add other IP or email in your personal BlackLists or WhiteLists. Enter the necessary IP or email then select status and click Save.

Manage Personal Black/White Lists

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