From now you can check public emails and IP addresses directly from your browser using our brand new extension for Google Chrome.

The extension compares all the visible IP/email addresses on a web page with our spam database. Also, it checks an IP or Email address over the database of spam active addresses at The database contains up to 10 millions records with activity for past 30 days.

It shows the history of spam attacks, amount of attacked websites, and a short description of the owner of an address.

How to use the Extension in Chrome

Step 1: Find the extension page here or go to Chrome web store and search for “CleanTalk”.

Then press the “Add to Chrome” button.

After that press “Continue to install”.

And the “Add extension” button after that.

Step 2: When ready, highlight and click your right mouse button on any email or IP address on a website and select “ lookup” line.

That’s it! On the following page you can see all the detailed information about the IP or email address you’ve chosen.

Check email and IP addresses with our new extension for Chrome

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