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Bot Detector Protects your Website from Spam Bots without CMS

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Traditional spam protection methods, such as CAPTCHA are becoming less effective as spammers become more sophisticated. As a result, website owners are turning to more innovative and smart solutions for their CMS.

However, not all websites are made with CMS. According to the study, 32% of sites on the Internet are created without any. And that’s over 36,000,000 sites that still need protection. If you use a CMS, protecting your website is easy – just install the proper plugin or addon and you’re done. But what if your website is built without a CMS?


How to protect your website without using CMS plugins or addons?

That’s where the Bot Detector shows up. It is a one-line code that allows you to connect to the Anti-Spam cloud without using any kind of plugins or additional software. The service is completely invisible and doesn’t bother your visitors. Its main goal is to protect all the forms on the site and block all known spam bots even before they ever reach your website.

Spam has been a major problem for website owners for many years. From annoying comment spam to harmful email spam, it can be difficult to keep your website and your visitors safe from the constant barrage of unwanted and potentially harmful content. However, there is a brand new method for anti-spam protection of your website from spam and spam bots that is gaining popularity and proving to be highly effective.


How to install Bot Detector

  1. Download the lib and unpack it to your filesystem. Add the CleanTalk Bot-detector JS library wrapper to the page HTML you want to protect.

        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <script src=""></script>
  1. Fill the config.php. Obligatory properties are:

    • access_key – your CleanTalk access key. If you do not have a key, register the new account or restore access to an existing account to get it.
    • trust_cleantalk_decision – set this to true if you do not want to set custom checking settings

  2. To start use CheckBot library, include “yourpath/src/autoloader.php” into the code you want to perform the check.

    require_once '../../src/autoloader.php';
  3. Then create a new CleanTalk\CheckBot object, provide $_POST or filtered POST data to the constructor.

    $bot_checker = new \Cleantalk\CheckBot($_POST);
  4. Then perform the check:

  5. $is_bot = $bot_checker->check()->getVerdict();

  6. Then do the actions depending on the verdict.

  7. if ( $is_bot ) {
      die ($bot_checker->getBlockMessage());

Learn more about using this method on our GitHub page.


Checking that bot protection works properly

Test the protection by using *@cl*******.org email for registering or sending a comment.

When you do that, you’ll see a message like this (if that didn’t happen, please contact us by opening a private support ticket).

Congratulations! From now on, your website is protected from spam and spam bots.



Bot Detector Protects your Website from Spam Bots without CMS
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