Anti-spam Control panel updated

In the Control Panel added new features,

1. Export query to the service in CSV format.
Export to CSV
2. Disabling/enabling determine optopol in the comments.
Offtopic detection
If the setting is on, the service will check the relevance of the new comment concerning article, or previous comments article (topic). Comments have not passed the specified check will be send to the manual moderation.

5 responses to “Anti-spam Control panel updated”

  1. shagimuratov says:

    The relevance test compares a comment text against text in article and previous approved comments. So, sometimes this type of tests helps CleanTalk filter spam comments because of mismatching the comment title(s) against article title(s).

  2. Thanks, that makes sense, good to know. Indeed almost all comments I get have nothing to do with the content of my site.

  3. shagimuratov says:

    You are welcome, Stephan!

    But we have removed that feature from our plugins (as you see this article is posted Apr 16 2014), because we have implemented a series small and fast anti-spam tests that works together much better than the relevance test.

    Please start here to protect your website against spam comments,

    If you have spam misses with our current plugins, we will do our best to update them and protect your website.

    Thank you.

  4. Thanks. I’m surprised because I still see a tickbox “Enable relevance test for comments”. I’m using Joomla with Jcomments, and the newest version of cleantalk plugin.
    I only started using cleantalk and it all seems to work and has already filtered out several spam comments, so I’m quite happy with how it works, I just wanted to clarify what this option does as I couldn’t find any documentation.

  5. shagimuratov says:

    Oops, it looks like we forgot to delete that option from JComments. Thank you for feedback!

    Let us know if you have any spam misses, we will revise it and do our best to resolve.

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