Updated anti-spam phpBB MOD

Improvements in the new version of the anti-spam module for phpBB:

  • A new user account will be sent to the manual activation of the forum administration with an alert by email, If no server availability automatic moderation, or suspend access to the service.
  • Optimized PHP code in the base class and hook.
  • Deleted spam protection in the profiles of users of the forum.

Bugfixes in the MOD:

  • Fixed bug with looping functions ct_error_mail();
  • Fixed bug with the connection template ucp_sms_check.html.

We remind you that before updating module, you need to make a backup of the database and forum files! Update the module can be through Automod, after removing the previous version.

Archive module cleantalk_spam_protect_v_3.7.16.zip. Instruction manual upgrading from previous versions update_3.6.15_to_3.7.16.xml.

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