How to Stop Profanity and Obscene Words on Your Website

CleanTalk makes possible to prevent comments and messages with obscene words to appear on your website. Stop-Words Option allows blocking comments which contain words and phrases from your stop-word list. Such comments will be held for moderation. Stop-Words Option could be enabled for comments and forum posts.

How Stop-Words Work

If you activated Stop-Words the CleanTalk service will check texts for having words you have put in your list of forbidden words, if any of the words or phrases are detected then the comment will be sent for moderation. Checking for stop-words is available for comments and nicknames.

Using Stop-Words to Enhance Anti-Spam Protection

You can prevent manual spam by adding words and phrases that are being used in spam mailing. In case of manual spam there are no spambots but real human beings who visit websites and post spam comments. To know what words you should block it’s enough to look at spam mailing texts or spam comments, most likely you will see some patterns or repeatable text parts.

How to Add Stop-Words

The option could be enabled on your Personal Lists page. Please, follow this guide:

The Stop-Words Option is included in the Extra Package. Go to your CleanTalk Control Panel to see more details.

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We have prepared our list of stop words and you can use it completely or edit it when adding it.
Here is a list of stop words that we have prepared to stop some of the manual spam comments.

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