Spam Protection for Clients Hosting Providers

CleanTalk has developed a module for hosting providers that allow to give customers one of the most reliable anti-spam systems.  This will allow hosting providers to make prices more attractive by including of these additional services.

CleanTalk offers for Hosting providers to provide to your clients one of the most reliable systems of protection against spam bots. This will allow you to expand your rates additional free service and make them more attractive. To offer your clients more than your competitors.

To differentiate yourself from the competition with additional features for increasing conversion, due to the larger number of services, providing a truly reliable anti spam service.

We have developed a module for WHCSM, by installing this extension you can configure your rates because of the new opportunities. When buying your rate to the client mail will be sent a letter with the information needed to use CleanTalk anti spam.

Algorithms CleanTalk evaluate visitor behavior on the site and parameters filled in forms, these multi-level checks allow CleanTalk achieve such high performance protection against spam attacks.  CleanTalk provides maximum open statistics on all incoming registration/comments, it allows you to fully control the process.

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