How to get a free period in the anti-spam service CleanTalk?

I want to tell you how to use more opportunities CleanTalk and get a few months of free service spam protection CleanTalk. It is very simple and will not take much of your time.

The first step is during the registration in the service, use the link invitation from an existing client. The easiest way is to find a link on Twitter by typing in your search phrase «Join to CleanTalk».


Click on a link, register your account, and when paying we get two free months. And that person whose link you have used, will get two free months too, and at the same time we have made a someone nice.

The next step is a bonus at payment of the service. There is even easier, pay until the end of the trial period and still get 2 months free.

Now we already have 4 free months.

The third step is to go to the page of bonuses, in the control panel service. The first offers us a bonus is to do a Twit and inform your subscribers about the service of anti-spam CleanTalk. This is done in two clicks and we get another 1 month.

The fourth our step, on the same page of bonuses, in the control panel service. Now we take the opportunity to get a free month of others. Take a reference to the invitation of friends and place it wherever possible – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn. You can place a link on your site. Now all who will register by your invitation, after the payment will bring you 2 free months.

Here such simple actions we can get free anti-spam service CleanTalk.

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